Horse Cents Software Company

If I choose to download the software from the web site is it the same software that comes on CD Rom?

Yes it is the exact same software. 

The only difference is if you choose the download you will have Horse Cents installed in just a few minutes instead of having to wait several days to receive by US Mail. 

To download now fill out the Free Trial form ( Order Form ), you will then be directed to our download page.

How Long Does The Free Trial Last?

There Are No Guarantees For An Exact Time But Approximately 3 or 4 Months.

How Will I Know When The Free Trial Expires?

Without Warning A Form Will Appear Notifying You That Your Time Is Up.

Do I have To Re Enter All Of My Data After The Free Trial Expires?

No. Horse Cents Does Not Over-Write Your Data After You Subscribe.

Why Do You Have A Subscription System For Horse Cents?

Any Software That Operates Using Microsoft Windows Is Dependent On The Windows Environment. We Chose The Subscription Service So That Horse Cents Users Can Upgrade Their Computer With Confidence Knowing That We Are Doing All That Is Possible To Keep Horse Cents Up To Date And Operating In Any New Windows Environments That May Come In The Future. You May Remember The Y2K Scare.

What are the minimum system requirements for Horse Cents? 

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, Windows XP, Vista, Microsoft Windows NT, Novell Netware.

486 or higher processor.16 (megabytes) MB of RAM.

Can I Use My Own Logo With Horse Cents?


Can I Email My Reports And Statements With Horse Cents?


Will Horse Cents Run On A MAC PC?


Can I Use Horse Cents On My Office Network?


To Set This Up Give Us A Call And We Will Assist You.

Can I Run Multiple Farms or Stables From One Computer?


Each Account Is Required To Pay The Annual Subscription.

To Set This Up Give Us A Call And We Will Assist You.

When Should I Subscribe To Horse Cents?

As Soon As You Are Sure Horse Cents Is Right For You. We Sincerely Do Not Want Any Customers That Are Not Fully Satisfied With Horse Cents.

What Is The Subscription Cost?

Currently The Price Is $132.00 (One Hundred Thirty Two Dollars) Per Year Plus Tax US Funds.

When The Free Trial Expires How Long Before I Can Get Back Into Horse Cents?

If You Have An Internet Connection We Will Send A File That Takes About One Minute To Download On A Standard Telephone Connection. Once Downloaded You Just Follow The Directions On The Screen. The Whole Process Takes About Five Minutes.

Do You Have Any Type Of Referral System?


If A Current User Refers Someone To Horse Cents And Then That Person Subscribes You Will Receive 3 (Three) Extra Months On Your Next Subscription.

They Must Enter Your Name In The Comments Section Of The Order Form On Our Site In Order For You To Be Eligible For The Referral Award.

I Have Entered Data And Really Enjoyed Using Horse Cents But I Can’t Afford Horse Cents. Can I Retrieve All My Data?

Your Data Is Still There And You Are Welcome To Do As You Please With Your Data. In Some Cases I Can Send A Extension Of Your Time That Would Allow You To Print Reports Etc…

What Types Of Payment Do You Accept?

Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, Money Order or Personal Check.

I Would Like To Pay By Check, Where Do I Send Payment To?

Horse Cents Software Company

3077 Old Field Way

Lexington, KY 40513-1724

Where Are You Located On The Web?


What Number Should I Call?

Telephone 859-421-0747

Please Call Between 10:00am and 8:00pm Any Day Of The Week.