Horse Cents Software Company

1. Print These Instructions First.

2. Select The Proper Download For Your Type Of Horses.

Click Here To Download Standardbred Version

Click Here To Download Thoroughbred Version

Click Here To Download All Other Type Horses

3. After you click either of the above links a window will appear asking you what would you like to do with this file. Select... Save To Disc.

4. Next another window will appear asking you where to save the file. Save the file anywhere on your hard drive such as your Desk Top, or any Download folder.

5. This is a very large file... depending on the speed of your connection it could take as long as 2 hours or more to download. A DSL or Broad Band connection takes just a few minutes. Once the download is complete you will have a new file on your computer named "HCents.exe". 

6. Go to My Computer and navigate to where you downloaded the "HCents.exe" file. Double Click the "HCents.exe" file and follow the instructions on your screen.

7. If you aren't sure where you downloaded the "HCents.exe" file go to your:

Start Tab, Find, Files or Folders, and type "HCents.exe" in the box that says Named: 

Make sure the section that reads Look In: Has My Computer selected.

Then click Find Now. 

Once the file "HCents.exe" is found it will appear in the lower section of the form. Double Click the "HCents.exe" file and follow the instructions on your screen.

8. Send Horse Cents Software Company a email requesting that your personalized Statement Headers be added to your new software. The email address is

9. We will send you one last short download (about one minute) that will change the Statement Headings on your software.

10. If you need assistance we can be reached at 859-421-0747. 

You may also request the Free Trial on CD-Rom by filling out the form at Order Free Trial